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About us

Look at any thing of beauty within your life, and you'll notice that a lot of times it's not absolutely, positively 'perfect' - yet, you wouldn't want to change a stroke for risking it's uniqueness and charm. Your daughter's left eyebrow is a touch higher than the right one. Your favorite shade tree in the backyard is mostly symmetrical. 

The same can be true with well made, hand-crafted concrete. 

While we use the latest blends of concrete mixes that provide improved strength, sheen and workability, it's still a natural, raw product that is subject to the same lifelike inconsistencies found elsewhere in our world.  At Averio Designswe are compelled to present you with clean, modern and distinctive designs that are skillfully hand-crafted, including those few natural twists.  And that's a beauty we find absolutely stunning.

— Brian Smith 


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